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Cowan & Thompson installs all the major product lines you are looking for.  Whether you need retaining walls, garden walls, freestanding walls, concrete masonry, erosion control or just landscape edging, our versatile product range provides the choice you are looking for.  So whether you're just adding on or starting new, Cowan & Thompson has the product knowledge you need.










Quality levels of some materials can vary greatly, even from the top material manufacturers. Some projects require special materials, while other projects can be done with a wide range of materials.  We have years of experience and our quality control will ensure you get the best products for your money. We will assist you to determine the right materials for your project and price range. Materials are available in many colors, textures, styles, shapes from the top manufacturers.

Our manufacturers include (but are not limited to) Keystone, New Castle, Venture, Allan Block, Cornerstone, Versa-Lok & Mesa.











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